The global threat of the unforeseen and insidious COVID-19 virus has brought unusual and challenging times to our doorsteps. Based largely on the Adaptive Leadership Skills for the World We’re in Now webinar, this book addresses the challenges leaders face as we work our way through the unanticipated changes that have been imposed on us.

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Do you find yourself asking ... "Now what do we do?"

Now more than ever, people are turning to us, as leaders,  because of the uncertainty in our world. This book addresses, among other areas, the answers to these commonly asked, but difficult to answer questions:

 -      "How do we adapt to whatever lies ahead when this global pandemic is over?"

 -      "How are people dealing with the anxiety brought upon by the situations created this past year?"

 -      "What will people need to do when we return to normal?"

 -      "What will re-entry look like?”

 -      “What specific adjustments and actions should leaders make over the next couple of months?

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About the Author:

Robert W. Mixon, Jr. is a retired U.S. Army Major General, former President of a manufacturing company, EVP of a diverse, innovative not for profit company, and Leadership Consultant. He serves as a faculty member at the Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point and various premier business schools including The Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, and the Cox Business School at Southern Methodist University.

Level Five Associates is proud to serve a number of successful corporate clients both large and small, including Regional Transit Service of Rochester, Cardinal IG, DiMarco Constructors and ACell.

Robert knows what it takes to turn a company around. He knows what it takes to build companies from the ground up. He knows how to win battles and how to win wars. He’s worked with literally hundreds of senior executives and high-level managers since beginning Level Five Associates and the response to his work has been overwhelmingly positive.

Robert is inspiring audiences, motivating teams, building better leaders, and creating cultures of excellence through his company, Level Five Associates.